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Be an atmosphere changer

Words set you free or imprison you, the Bible says that your words determine your successes and your failures, your words determine whether your dreams live or die, your words give you access to important people or take you away from those people, your words affect those around you, your words heal you or make you sick.

EPaul the apostle was prepared for everything; neither prison, nor people, nor difficult situations could bind him, because he said: "I have the joy of God within me".

People of faith set the atmosphere

Elisha, the prophet, went to a place where there was a famine, and said, "Bring a large pot and prepare a stew for the prophets," but someone had put into the pot a kind of wild gourd, that is, a fruit similar to the orange or grapefruit, very bitter, which caused diarrhea. The prophet poured flour into the pot, and declared the word of faith and all were able to eat.

 Satan either starves you to death or poisons you, he does not want you to "eat" because he knows that if we eat we will have faith.

At that time a man appeared bringing twenty barley loaves, and Elisha's servant said, "How shall I set these before a hundred men?" And Elisha answered him, "Give to the people that they may eat, for thus says the Lord: they shall eat and be satisfied," giving the order for them to be supernaturally multiplied.

I must be a seeker of blessing; find blessings not only in the big moments, but in every moment.

Let's build peoplewe are sowers of words that edify. Whatever we do with others, the Father will do with us! "Whoever gives a cup of water to one of my children, has my heart says God". We are liberators of potential, kind words change lives, there are no coincidences for God's children, when someone crosses you bless them!

La mujer que soltó el perfume cambió la atmósfera y todo se llenó de ese precioso aroma

"This woman has done something beautiful in me, Jesus said", we will also do something to him. That woman understood that Jesus would die and go to the cross, the disciples had never realized it, the perfume she spent as she wanted because it was hers, The woman enjoyed that moment; she had a spiritual experience. Jesus therefore said:

"Every time they talk about me, she will be mentioned; because she marked a generation, because the influence that my people will have will be hers". Somos la generación de María de Betania.

Cuando derrames tu perfume para acercar a la gente a Dios podrás decir: “Este es el día que hizo el Señor, me gozaré y me alegraré en él” ¡Dios en este día escondió algo bueno para mí! Cada día hay algo bueno de parte de Dios para tu vida y el gozo lo atrae. En todas las cosas que nos pasan, tenemos que elegir si nos vamos a amargar o decidimos soltar el gozo del Señor.

I'm going to be an atmosphere changer!

Jesus prepared the atmosphere to engage in a dialogue and resolve a need

The woman of the city of Samaria had had five husbands, and at that time she was already with another man, and Jesus said to her, "Give me a drink," and she answered him, "Rabbi, how do you speak to me? He said to her: "bring your husband", I do not have one, she replied. And he prophesied to her, telling her that her words were true, for the man with whom she was now living was not her husband.

Why did this woman have six men? She was looking for spiritual pleasure, but since she couldn't get it, she replaced it with human pleasure, which never satisfied her.

 Luego ella le pregunta: ¿Dónde hay que alabar a Dios? “porque me dijeron tal y tal cosa” y el Señor le dijo: “hay que adorar en espíritu y en verdad”, él le habló de una adoración basada en la libertad y en la sinceridad. Ella entonces corrió al pueblo diciendo: “encontré a un hombre” (la gente diría “otro más”) pero no era lo que ellos pensaban, ¡esta era la mejor noticia de su vida!

You will win your family when they see your joy; for people believe your face, they believe your experience that you have found the King of glory. You have to create the atmosphere outside, like the Samaritan woman, who ran for joy saying, "I have found the Messiah, whom my soul loves, and I delight in him!"

En el jardín del Edén había de todo y ahí cayeron Adán y Eva, hay gente que le vive echando la culpa al ambiente, uno cae por decisión, hay que hacerse cargo de su vida y no echarle la culpa al ambiente. Cuando el pueblo de Israel estaba en apuros, faltaba agua y buscaron al profeta y éste llamó a un guitarrista, y  dijo: “tranquilos, vamos a cantar” y vino palabra del Señor: “hagan pozos y les voy a mandar agua”.

 Resources will come, not because we cry, but because of words of gratitude, praise and victory. You, at home, with your family and friends, wherever you go, will generate the right atmosphere, and everything around you will be transformed!

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