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Our problems can never surpass the greatness of the Lord.

There may be times in life when we feel that we are in the middle of a desert, full of drought and loneliness, and perhaps we may come to think that sadness is the only company in those times of difficulty. We have everything that others may not have and we feel empty, we are surrounded by beautiful people but we do not stop feeling lonely, we know that we do not have to cry but still our heart hurts, we want a lot but at the same time nothing; it is as if we were in a cell whose exit door we cannot find, everything is like a beautiful landscape but painted in gray. Really, this is a scenario difficult to explain and describe.
This panorama is ideal for Satan to do his thing and motivate himself to execute each one of his perverse plans; however, even though we may feel so bad, within us hope continues to gain value, a light that keeps us strong in spite of how weak we may feel, and that light has its own name, that light is Jesus. It is one thing if we are going through times of crisis and difficulty, and quite another if we are thinking of throwing in the towel and turning away from God's will, and the latter is not the case.
It may be very hard what we are living, we may feel something similar to what Job felt when he was stripped of all his possessions, even his children and his health; the truth is that regardless of the adverse situation we may be experiencing, we must continue to trust in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and believe that everything we are living, although painful and uncomfortable, is under his control. The important thing is that we understand that no matter what happens we cannot fall into the temptation to lash out against God. When we are going through the desert, where everything becomes gray and it seems that there is no hope, is when we are more easily tempted to blaspheme against the Lord; let us not do it, it is in the middle of the desert when we should pray to God to give us courage so that we can resist the temptation to sin or turn back. Let us keep in mind that while we are still alive a miracle can happen, God has the last word; besides, it is good to know that no matter how big our problems may seem, they can never overcome the greatness of the Lord. Trust, He has everything under control.
I don't know about you, but I am not going to give up, I renounce this absurd idea; I could not live without my Lord Jesus, where would I go, what would I do. Without Him I am nobody and of course I could do nothing. As long as my Heavenly Father reminds me who Jesus Christ is and what He did for me, I will not give any importance to the suffering or difficulty I may be going through. I don't care what others may think of me, I don't care how bad they may see me and how ugly they may think of me. The only thing that matters to me is that God holds me tight to His mighty right hand, to Jesus Christ my Savior, the only one who has the power and authority to help me cross all the deserts He deems I have to go through to fulfill His purposes.
Hoy te invito a que juntos le digamos al Señor: “Jesús, no nos rendimos, aquí estamos para ti, no tenemos fuerzas y sentimos que no podemos más, pero seguimos confiando en ti. Perdónanos porque lo más seguro es que te hemos ofendido, danos de tu misericordia y límpianos de nuestra maldad. Sigue obrando en nuestras vidas, sigue cumpliendo tus propósitos, sabemos que todo lo que estamos viviendo hace parte de tu soberanía, tus planes son perfectos y nosotros te damos gracias por hacernos parte de ellos. A pesar de todo sufrimiento Señor, te damos gloria y honor, te exaltamos y bendecimos tu santo nombre. Eres lo más hermoso que tenemos, Dios y Salvador nuestro. Aquí estamos Señor, no nos sueltes, no nos dejes caer en tentación, impide que volvamos atrás, concédenos tu favor y permítenos avanzar según tu voluntad. Fortalece nuestro espíritu y permítenos glorificar tu nombre en todo tiempo Amado Salvador. Dependemos totalmente de ti, sin ti no queremos y no podemos vivir”.

 "For his wrath is but for a moment, but his favor lasts a lifetime. In the night shall weeping endure, and in the morning shall joy come.

Psalm 30:5 (RV1960).

"That's why even though we have all kinds of problems, we are not defeated. Even though we have a lot of worries, we don't give up."

2 Corinthians 4:8 (Word of God for All).

Blessed and praised be you Beloved Lord Jesus Christ, forever and ever, amen!

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