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I will confront, I will show myself, I will not hide.

Adam and Eve when they knew evil, perceived that they were naked and hid themselves, and God said to Adam: "Who taught you that you were naked, acaso comiste del árbol?”. Adán echó culpas: “yo no te pedí, a esta mujer”. Eva fue más viva ella dijo: “la serpiente me engañó”, no dijo: “yo decidí pecar”. Echamos culpas cuando decimos: “vivo lejos, no me dejan crecer, me manipulan”  ¡tenemos que dejar de echar culpas!

Emotions that Adam and Eve had:

Guilt: There are two ways of dealing with guilt, one is the childish attitude and the other is the mature attitude. For example: if I yell at my child or do something wrong, the childish attitude would be to feel bad, cry, torture myself, punish myself or apologize lightly and that's it. On the other hand, the adult attitude would be: If I yell at my child, I feel bad, I apologize and correct my behavior looking ahead. Another example: I run a red light; I feel bad, pay the fine and that's it. That would be a childish attitude. An adult attitude would be: I run the red light, I feel bad, I pay the fine and I correct my behavior looking forward. That is why Jesus said to a woman who had made a mistake when he forgave her "go and sin no more".

When one corrects forward, one moves from guilt to responsibility. It is the latter that gives us growth; guilt only brings us pain and lack of focus.

Fear: fear leads to avoidance, I am afraid of the dog and I avoid it, I am afraid of people and I avoid them. If guilt leads you to punishment, and fear to avoidance; shame is the belief that one has failed, has something wrong that has to be hidden because the other is going to hurt us. There are those who feel that and God comes to restore you, to give you promises of victory so that everything goes well.

God said: "and I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your seed and her seed; it shall bruise your head, and you shall bruise its heel". Seed means: sperm, seed; "you will strike Eve, but her offspring will crush your head".

 God is going to take the guilt out of you, so that you will overcome everything that was hurting you, you will crush it; and you will destroy it completely.

The Israelites had to fight against Amalek (the bitter enemy of God's people). The first battle took place in the desert, they always attacked from the rear, the weakest soldiers. While Moses raised his arms in worship to God, the Israelites destroyed them. A small group of Amalek escaped, God raised Saul and fought against that small group, God had said: "eliminate them all, I promised that they would be completely destroyed". But Saul hides the king of Amalek and a couple of sheep, so God rejected him as king and raised up another king, who was David.

David one day was plundered by the Amalekites, the people went mad and became angry against David; in crises people seek to destroy those who have always blessed them. David consulted God and recovered everything, but a group of the Amalekites escaped, and were annihilated by the Simeonites in the time of King Hezekiah.

There are things that appear that you manage to defeat them, but you overcome them, and you don't destroy them completely and they appear again. The promise is: you will destroy it completely!

God has given you the anointing to destroy that debt, that illness, that guilt that you have been carrying for years, to punish them in your head so that they never appear again.

I will face all my fearsWhat you avoided out of fear, now you are able to face them. "I am going to face, I am going to show myself I am not going to hide. He clothes you with His glory so that you begin to show yourself. He tells you: your mistakes and failures I will transform them into strengths".

David grasped the sword so that the giant Goliath would never rise up again. God will give you the anointing to destroy all things that have a corrupt seed. When David fought Goliath the outcome was a win-win for David, if he killed the giant he was crowned by the king and if he died he became a hero. Goliath lost in both outcomes, if he killed David people would say: "and if it was a little boy he killed, there is no merit"; and if he died, he lost too. Winners get into battles that whatever the outcome they win. And giants get into battles that whatever the outcome they lose. Fight battles knowing that you will do well because God promised that he will always be with us!

The mechanism of fear is avoidance. God does not curse Adam or Eve, he curses Satan. All that is curse is satan, he said to him: "curse will be your essence". The devil only attacks the heel because he has no height to attack your heart, your arms, nor your head. The just man falls seven times and seven times he gets up, why seven, because that number marks a limit, seven is the perfect number and means: that you will never fall again!

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