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Reflection: What we fear

God is our refuge and strength, our speedy help in trouble. Therefore we will not be afraid, though the earth be removed, and the mountains be removed into the heart of the sea" Psalm 46:1-2 (Reina-Valera 1960)

Todos en esta vida tenemos algo que rechazamos y que no quisiéramos tener nada que ver con eso. A veces le tenemos temor a muchas cosas: desde un simple insecto hasta las cosas más tenebrosas de este mundo. Pero si bien es cierto, Dios no quiere que vivamos con eso, simplemente porque el que vive en temor, no ha sido perfeccionado por su gran amor.

The bible speaks of the fear that we should have of God, but this is not a fear of fear, nor of rejection, in this case to fear refers to serve, worship and obey; it is to respect God for all that He is, what He does and what He has established in His word for us to fulfill.

In the time that I have been walking with God, thanks to Him I have put away many fears, this did not happen overnight, although I am most afraid of disappointing God, but we sin every day, but there are mistakes that are more serious than others, unchangeable mistakes that have terrible consequences and can haunt us for a lifetime if we do not surrender our lives to the Lord and repent from the heart.

But at the same time there came a time when it affected me too much and I was terrified just thinking about doing something that would hurt God's heart, but I also realized that we are not perfect, but even so, this is no excuse to trample on the precious blood that Jesus shed on the cross.

There are mistakes that can be avoided and of which we are already aware that we should not make, just as we do not want to get close to that animal that we are afraid of and we do not do it because we feel that sense of danger, of alert and that something bad may happen to us, so why do we not run away from things that we know will harm us?

Thanks be to God, who has given us the Holy Spirit to strengthen us in the midst of the trial, which will not be harder than we can resist, says his word, and that He gives us self-control to reject the evil, and to know that if we have Him, we have everything and with it the victory. It is also important to congregate constantly, to pray, to study his word, to have friends who are God-fearing.

Do not be afraid to seek and trust in God, to believe in Him and give Him your life, do not be afraid to undertake great and new things, do not be afraid of people who want to see you destroyed, do not be afraid of sickness, do not be afraid of the situation you are going through at this moment, do not be afraid of preaching the gospel, do not be afraid of love.

But now that evil is come upon thee, thou art discouraged; and when it is come upon thee, thou art troubled: is not thy fear of God thy confidence? is not thy hope the integrity of thy ways?"

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